Bennie Hereford

Bennie Hereford served the Sour Lake Lions Club for many years. He held every office in the club. He was very active in all the club’s activities. When his wife became ill he had to drop out for a while. Even when he was not a member at that time he gave technical support to our club. When his wife died he rejoined at age 90. He was really happy to be back in the club but died two months after joining. He didn’t miss a meeting in those two months. His last act as a member was to donate a trailer to the club to be used for our little train. He said he was too old to help in any way but giving. We collect $5 at each meeting for food but he would put in $20. He always had a positive attitude. I remember his smile and how he mingled with the crowd at our activities giving encouragement. He exhibited leadership both in our club and his church. We were happy to have this positive person back with us. We miss him very much.