Officially formed October 1917

Dr. W P Woods, Evansville, Indiana. First International President
L H Lewis, Dallas, TX Vice President
Melvin Jones, Chicago, IL. Secretary – Treasurer
C H Kirk, Houston, TX, was named as a one year Directory

The first meeting was convened with 36 delegates and 8 alternates

On October 8, 1917 Texas became District 4 with the following serving as District Governors:

1918-19  G M Cunningham (Houston)
1919-20  G M Cunningham (Houston)
1920-21  A E Booth (Beaumont)

In 1921 District 4 became District 2 as a result of the International Convention in Oakland, California.

1921-22  A E Booth (Beaumont)
1922-23  Clyde Sweeten (Greenville)
1923-24  Louis C Perry (Terrell)
1924-25  R D Green (Abilene)
1925-26  E P Cravens (Austin)
1926-27  Fred Newman (Greenville)
1927-28  N N Rosenquest (Eastland)
1928-29  John Echard (Dallas)
1929-30  A C Kater (Houston)

At the 1930 Convention held in Austin, TX, District 2 was divided into five Districts and designated as District 2T, 2E, 2X, 2A, 2S. District 2S consisted of 55 counties and 48,888 square miles in area.

1930-31  Dr. F D Fuller (Bryan)
1931-32  B E Quinn (Beaumont)
1932-33  Bob Lyles (Austin)
1933-34  Harry C Copenhaven (Wharton)
1934-35  Harry C Copenhaven (Wharton)
1935-36  Nate J Brown (Port Arthur)
1936-37  R C Franks (Bryan)
1937-38  Jean Shotwell (Lufkin)
1938-39  R Clyde Black (Beaumont)
1939-40  William Offer (Victoria)
1940-41  C M Miller, Jr. (Austin)
1941-42  Dr. Jas W Long (Port Arthur) - resigned
1941-42  Gus Whiteman (Alto)

After the 1942 Convention, District 2S was divided into three Districts and designated as District 2-S1, 2-S2, 2-S3. This increased the number of Districts in Texas to seven.

The following served as Governors of District 2-S1

1942-43  W C Steinhagen (Beaumont)
1943-44  Mack J Thomas (Port Arthur)
1944-45  J B Woolridge (Anahuac)
1945-46  Ellis D Carter (Orange)
1946-47  Wright Chenault (Livingston)

At the Convention held in 1947, District 2T was divided into 2 Districts, 2-T1, 2-T2 bringing the number of Districts in Texas to 8.

1947-48  William C Edwards (Beaumont)
1948-49  Pat W Jackson (Nacogdoches)
1949-50  Hon Joe J Fisher (Jasper)
1950-51  Edwin D Gunn (Rusk)
1951-52  Fred O Mills (Monroe City)
1952-53  L E Downs (Beaumont)
1953-54  Allan B Caldwell (Jacksonville)
1954-55  Wilber M Abbey (Port Arthur)
1955-56  Dr. Thomas B Ferguson (Nacogdoches)
1956-57  Joe B Redman (Beaumont)
1957-58  Sam Robinson (Lufkin)

At the Convention in 1958, District 2T was divided into three Districts, 2-T1, 2-T2, 2-T3. This increased the number of Districts in Texas to nine.

1958-59  Johnnie McLeod (Jasper)

At the Convention in 1959, Texas was divided into fifteen Districts designated 2-T1, 2-T2, 2-T3, 2-E1, 2-E2, 2-X1, 2-X2, 2-X3, 2-A1, 2-A2, 2-A3, 2-S1, 2-S2, 2-S3 and 2-S4.

At the Convention in 1988 Texas was divided into sixteen Districts designated 2-T1, 2-T2, 2-T3, 2-E1, 2-E2, 2-X1, 2-X2, 2-X3, 2-A1, 2-A2, 2-A3, 2-S1, 2-S2, 2-S3, 2-S4 and 2-S5. There are still 16 Districts in Texas. District Governors who served since 1959 follows:

1959-60  Marshall Elliott* (Port Arthur)
1960-61  Floyd Smith* (Hemphill)
1961-62  R. H. "Buddy" Lyle* (Beaumont)
1962-63  W. D. Mauldin* (Jacksonville)
1963-64  Carl J. Mauldin* (Bridge City)
1964-65  Leon Adickes* (Hemphill)
1965-66  Bernard Klein* (Beaumont)
1966-67  George W. Hardin* (Nacogdoches)
1967-68  Robert E. Price* (Port Arthur)
1968-69  Otto Smith, Jr* (Lufkin)
1969-70  Ed P. Kelly* (Beaumont)
1970-71  Chester Stout* (Carthage)
1971-72  Joe Halter* (Neches)
1972-73  Paul Mayberry (Lufkin)
1973-74  Fred Thorton* (Port Arthur)
1974-75  Perry Johnson (Lufkin)
1975-76  Edward J. Noone (Beaumont)
1976-77  George P. Futch, Jr.* (Henderson)
1977-78  Farley M. Bowers* (Silsbee)
1978-79  Raymond Lewis* (Nacogdoches)
1979-80  Loyd Herron* (Orange)
1980-81  Bruce Rickert* (Carthage)
1981-82  Chris C. Roark* (Groves)
1982-83  Kenneth Winterfield* (Lufkin)
1983-84  James Smith* (Port Neches)
1984-85  H. A. "Hal" Lacey (Lufkin)
1985-86  Wilbert Boulet* (Port Arthur)
1986-87  Tom H. Gann (Lufkin)
1987-88  Capt. James K. Manry* (Port Arthur)
1988-89  James A. Marshall* (Carthage)
1989-90  Robert Appel (Orange)
1990-91  Roy L. Jones* (Port Arthur)
1991-92  S. R. "Moe" Cully (Nederland)
1992-93  Frank Blackburn* (Nacogdoches)
1993-94  Willie Wimer* (Brookeland)
1994-95  Dr. Bubba Hirsch (Trinity)
1995-96  Dewey P. Sterling* (Beaumont)
1996-97  Harold Weston* (Livingston)
1997-98  L. E. "Stump" Weatherford (Orange)
1998-99  Lloyd E. Persons (Jasper)
1999-00  Lew Vail* (Onalaska)
2000-01  Doyel Chandler* (Kirbyville)
2001-02  Claude Durham* (Livingston)
2002-03  Vera LeBlanc (Nederland)
2003-04  Vergne Gregrich (Jasper)
2004-05  David Middleton (Alto)
2005-06  Penny Gregrich (Jasper)
2006-07  Bonita Lowrie* (Garrison)
2007-08  Fred Renkema (Nederland)
2008-09  Harold Yost (Lufkin)
2009-10  Charles Tarver (Silsbee)
2010-11  James Browning (Carthage)
2011-13  Jimmy Richardson* (Kirbyville)
2013     Michael Duncan Parish* (Woodville)
2014     Waldo Dalchau (San Augustine)
2014-15  Jack Sedtal (Nederland)
2015-16  Ed Stiles (Hemphill)
2016-17  Bobbie Fagan (Corrigan)
2017-18  Russell Wheeler (Lufkin)
2018-19  Roger Doyle (Center)

Deceased *